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Chops & Ordway Prepare for upcoming Festival

With the conclusion of Chops' spring RightTrack intern program, we are celebrating our two 2024 music education interns and looking forward to partnering with the Ordway at their Flint Hills Family Festival May 31st - June 1st.

Chops partnered with the RightTrack youth jobs program this spring, hosting two music education interns from urban-core St. Paul Public High Schools. Interns began training and working alongside Chops team members in February, supporting our drumline programs at Murray, Highland, Global Arts, and Hidden River Middle Schools. Our interns did a fantastic job and learned on-the-job skills including teaching percussion fundamentals, mentoring younger students, drum maintenance and time management. Our interns presented their progress, learnings, and achievements at this week's RightTrack ceremony marking the end of the spring internship session.

Chops is proud to be one of RightTrack's partners to provide urban-core youth with job experience

With the conclusion of the spring session, we are turning our attention to Chops' ongoing partnership with the Ordway as part of our shared goal to make representation possible on the Ordway stage. As a part of the upcoming Flint Hills Family Festival, Chops will provide mentorship, resources, and communal instruments for five under-resourced youth groups from the Twin Cities to perform on stage at the Festival.

“Our recent project to help these groups access MPA competition was such a success that it was a no-brainer to bring the same supportive model to the Ordway's upcoming Family Festival,” said Michael Finney, Chops' Program Director. “Having the Ordway team take notice of the success here and work with us to bring it to their stage is a huge win for urban-core drumline groups. Working with Mia and the Ordway team continues to be a top-notch experience for the Chops team and our participating drumline groups.”

Included in the groups that will take the stage with Chops are Chops’ fiscally-sponsored program, All City Music, as well as school-based groups including Murray Middle School. Thanks to financial support from Ordway, Chops is currently offering a drumline artist-in-residency with financial support from Ordway.

Check out more detailed information on the upcoming Ordway festival May 31st - June 1st. We hope to see you there!

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