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Chops COVID-19 Preparedness Plan


Chops, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our staff, members, and their respective households. To ensure we have a safe and healthy season, we have developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal at Chops, Inc. is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 during our practices and events, and that requires full cooperation from everyone involved.

Chops, Inc. recognizes that performing & athletic activities help to address social and physical needs that may be greater or felt more acutely during this pandemic, and we are dedicated to providing and maintaining access and support for this and other activities in our communities. We also recognize that individual members and/or their households may have circumstances or views that compel them to refrain from participation, and we understand and support those decisions without reservation. No person nor their household will be penalized or pressured should they choose to not participate under these guidelines.

Our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan is based on the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, the MDE, the MDH, the MSHSL, and OSHA. We at Chops, Inc. will continue to update and adjust our plan and responses according to all guidelines and restrictions set forth by the various agencies tasked with addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, and will communicate any changes to members and member households. Policy updates will require re-signing the updated version of this document before participation is allowed to continue.

Navigating this pandemic requires support and cooperation from all involved parties, and in addition to expert guidance we encourage any and all suggestions to these policies in order to find the most optimal path forward.

All Chops, Inc. staff and members (hereafter referred to as “participants”) are subject to the same policies regarding COVID-19 testing and safety, except where specified more exactly.

Screening & Policies for Staff & Members​:

  • On each practice day, participants should perform a COVID-19 self-assessment. If any symptoms are present, that participant (or a member of their household) must immediately inform a Chops, Inc. staff member (preferably the director), and that participant will be required to stay home.

  • All participants and their households are highly encouraged to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 as well as general well-being, and may elect not to attend practice out of a concern for safety even if no symptoms are present.

  • If any participant develops symptoms during a practice, that participant (or a staff member, if the participant is unable) must arrange for transportation home as soon as possible, and that participant will be asked to isolate themselves until they are able to completely exit the practice location. In addition, practice will be canceled for the remainder of the day, and all remaining participants will make arrangements to return home. At least one staff member will remain on-site until the last member has left.

  • Any participants who have undiagnosed symptoms reflective of possible COVID-19 infection will not be allowed to return to practice until at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, that participant has been fever-free for at least 24 hours (without fever-reducing medication), and any other related symptoms have improved.

    • Symptoms include:

      • Cough

      • Shortness of breath

      • A temperature of 100.4°F or greater within the last 72 hours

      • Sore throat

      • Headache

      • Chills

      • Unexplained muscle or body aches

      • New loss of smell or taste

      • Diarrhea in the past 24 hours

      • Vomiting in the past 24 hours

  • In addition, any participants who have direct contact with a person experiencing one or more of these symptoms, or an undiagnosed cough & fever, must not attend practice, and instead immediately inform a staff member (preferably the director).

  • Participants should follow all MDH guidelines about when and under what circumstances to be tested for COVID-19. Participants who test negative for COVID-19 should not return if they are sick with something else, and should instead follow the directions or guidelines of their healthcare provider until their current illness has passed and/or is no longer contagious.

  • If any participant, or a member of their household, is diagnosed with COVID-19, or is exposed to someone who tested positively for COVID-19, that participant must not attend practice, and instead immediately inform a staff member (preferably the director), as well as follow the CDC and MDH guidelines for what to do if they or a household member has (or has been exposed to) COVID-19:

→ ​


  • In the event that a participant, or a person in their household, tests positive for COVID-19, Chops, Inc. will inform all other participants, while maintaining privacy for the individual testing positive. CWG practices will be canceled until a 14-day quarantine has passed. Participants and their households may elect to quarantine longer for safety concerns, and are highly recommended to follow CDC guidelines for planning purposes:

→ ​


Pick Up, Drop Off, and Entrance Policies​:

  • All participants being picked up or dropped off must have their drivers remain in their vehicles.

  • All participants should maintain a 6’ distance during drop-off and entrance into any Chops, Inc. practice location.

  • Masks that cover mouth & nose are required to be worn before entering any Chops, Inc. practice location and at least 10’ in front of any entrances used. Participants are not required to wear masks while outside, but must maintain any current social distancing requirements.

  • At least one Chops, Inc. staff will administer a no-touch temp test to members entering the practice location, and confirm each member has performed a COVID-19 self-assessment prior to arrival.


Equipment Policies​:

  • Chops, Inc. will disinfect and lend out equipment as needed for personal use during the season.

  • Equipment lent out must not be shared between participants.

  • Participants must bring their own supplies of water and food for their exclusive use.

  • Participants are highly recommended, but not required, to bring a personal supply of general first-aid equipment (e.g. Band-Aids) for their exclusive use.

  • Participants are highly recommended to bring two or more masks for use over the duration of practice.

    • Masks that become damp are less effective, and it is always possible that a mask breaks or is rendered unusable in some way, so it is highly, highly recommended to have replacements in case of either situation. Chops, Inc. will have a limited supply of face masks available if needed.


Practice Policies​:

  • Chops teams will have a maximum pod size of 25, with 20 spots reserved for membersand 5 spots reserved for staff.

  • In order to maintain pod size, no visitors, guests, or parents/guardians will be permitted to attend practices until further notice. Chops, Inc. will arrange for at least one (1) celebratory performance to friends and/or family based on the MDH guidelines for performance venues, and will update all participants at that time.

  • Social distancing of at least 6’ is required at all times during the entirety of each practice, with the following exceptions:

    • During the setup and tear-down.

    • In the event medical aid requires close proximity, temporarily or for the duration of the aid rendered.

  • All participants are required to set up and maintain a personal prep area for any and all practice equipment and supplies which will also be socially distanced. Staff will provide markers to help maintain this distance, but members are encouraged to make and/or bring their own as well.

  • Bare feet (a common practice) will not be allowed this season. Shoes made specifically for dance are highly recommended, although plain socks are also acceptable.

  • Masks are required to be worn by everyone during the entirety of each Chops practice, with the following exceptions:

    • When members snack or rehydrate.

    • In the event physical exertion requires temporarily removing it.

    • In the event medical aid requires removing it, temporarily or for the duration of the aid rendered.

  • Chops, Inc. recognizes that both the MDH and MSHSL allow student athletes to temporarily remove their mask if the student feels that their level of physical exertion requires it. However, due to the highly effective results of consistent mask usage, the following policies are being adopted for all Chops practices, and members are encouraged to make use of them in lieu of temporarily removing their mask while while practicing indoors:

    • To help catch their breath, members may cease performing or absent themselves from whatever drill or activity is being performed, either temporarily or until the next drill/activity begins.

    • To allow time for members to exit the main practice area before hydration, members will be allowed to take water breaks as needed, without prior approval from staff.

  • ​Chops, Inc. also recognizes that physical activity is taxing, and will provide longer breaks for all members to rehydrate and/or snack at the same time, in addition to the previous policies that allow for members to rest, rehydrate, and/or snack as needed. During these designated long breaks, members will be asked to utilize any and all areas surrounding the main practice area in order to maximize social distancing while masks are temporarily removed, including (but not requiring) exiting the practice building.

Competition Policies​:

The Chops, Inc. teams will be participating in in-person shows and competitions this season, and will update this section as competition policies are published by our circuit.

General Policies​:

  • Members are required to arrive already wearing appropriate practice attire.

  • Hand sanitizer resources will be available in multiple areas for all practices.

  • For safety reasons, members are not allowed to use any on-site drinking fountains.

  • Members are highly encouraged, but not required, to limit restroom usage to one member at a time.

General Recommendations​:


  • All participants are encouraged to wash hands and/or utilize hand sanitizer as often as desired over the duration of practice.

  • Bringing a large number of small water containers will help measure the total amount each participant needs/uses during practice. It is highly recommended to bring an excess supply of water for the first few practices to avoid running out.


Updated January 2022

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