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Chops & mpa make history - be part of it!

In partnership with the Minnesota Percussion Association (MPA), and supported by community fundraising partners Spyhouse Roasters and Dogwood Coffee Co, Chops is supporting a new accessible class of percussion competition in 2024. Continue reading to see how a student group you know could benefit, as well as how your daily cup of coffee can make a difference!

Exciting Change:  The MPA Accessibility Project

Made possible by the forward thinking leadership at MPA, Chops is creating a new class of drumline competition centered around shared equipment and communal support. This project is poised to dramatically increase accessibility for under-resourced school and student groups. “There are thousands of students throughout Minnesota, especially in our urban core public schools, working just as hard as the groups performing in competition circuits each year,” said Michael Finney, director of the project.  “But you never see them. We're going to change that.”  

This new class of competition, centered on communal equipment, supplies, and professional guidance, will debut at the February 10th and April 6th MPA competitions. Any marching percussion group that wants to join the MPA circuit will now have access to a full-sized, professional quality set of marching drums and stands at these shows, including related supplies and optional professional guidance through the performance process. 

Know a group ready to perform? Fill out the interest form here:

Help Us Make This Happen: One Coffee at a Time

Chops is proud to work alongside Spyhouse Coffee Roasters to host a celebration of youth performing arts on 12/20, international solidarity day. Stop by Spyhouse on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul anytime on 12/20 - your purchase supports our mission! Live music and Q & A session provided from 3-6pm. 

Not able to swing by on 12/20? No worries! Dogwood Coffee has your back with their “Coffee For Others” campaign throughout January. Mark your calendar to pick up a bag of coffee beans online or in person anytime in January to directly support our work! All locations valid. More information coming soon. 


Learn More about Chops drumlines here:

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