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Chops introduces st. paul's newest youth drumlines

Chops is delighted to announce an expansion of our partnership with St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS). Last month, we worked with students and educators at Highland Park and Murray Middle Schools to successfully launch two new afterschool drumlines.

“I love that I actually get to play the drum and be in front of the class,” said a student at Highland Park Middle. “It's just my passion!”

Students across all of St. Paul’s up-and-coming drumline programs reflected in similar ways, celebrating with their newest Chops instructors, Evan Espinoza and Joe Holmes. “This is about so much more than just teaching St. Paul kids to play drums," said Michael Finney, Chops' program developer. Evan and Joe work with students to overcome challenges, sometimes big ones, to believe they can make a difference in their own lives. It takes instructors deeply invested in students as people beyond the drum, and we are fortunate to have Evan and Joe at the helm.”

Throughout October, SPPS participated in the “Lights On Afterschool” awareness drive hosted by Afterschool Alliance. This national program is dedicated to promoting healthy afterschool outlets for youth. Chops drumline students, along with all of SPPS's afterschool programs, displayed their own individualized “Light Bulbs” with their thoughts, excitement, and aspirations.

Congratulations to Mr. Espinoza, Mr. Holmes, and the incredible students at Highland Park, Murray, Hidden River, and Global Arts Middle Schools on a successful start to the year!

Chops drumline instructor Joe Holmes poses with students' light bulbs as they celebrate "Lights On After School" at Hidden River Middle School.

Learn more about Chops drumlines here:


Learn more about “Lights On Afterschool” here:

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