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Urban youth drumline

Chops and numerous project partners recently launched a collaboration to bring attention and resources to the many urban youth drumlines in the Minneapolis area. Chops is providing financial support and coordination, while our project partners contribute instructional expertise, rehearsal space, and performance opportunities.

More than 70 folks braved a snowstorm to participate in our first multi-school rehearsal on February 24th, 2022. "This is the largest turnout for urban percussion that I have seen ever since I moved to Minnesota in 2010," said project advisor and instructor Arthur Turner, founder of TKO Drumline and Loveworks Academy for Arts.

Special thanks to Edison High's Advanced Drumline students for their hospitality and hard work hosting our kick-off event on February 24th.

Want to get involved? We are looking for donations of used marching snares, basses, and tenors, as well as volunteer instructors. Contact Megan O'Leary for more information.

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