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Summer Ensemble Update

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Chops’ Summer Performance Ensemble Has a New Co-director!

We’re excited to announce that Scott Kolman-Keen is back. He and co-director Matt Kettelhut are ready to make this summer season unforgettable!

Many of our long-time members will remember Scott as the Director of Chops’ Drum Corps from 2013-2017, when he helped to reestablish Chops as a regionally and nationally competitive organization and earned the title of 2016 Drum Corps Associates (DCA) Director of the Year.

Scott Describes His Team’s Vision for Summer 2022

“It is an honor to be selected again to serve the organization in a leadership capacity! My team and I are excited for the opportunity to evolve the activity in innovative and creative ways, and we believe that the new Summer Performance Ensemble will be a point of pride for Chops now and for years to come. We intend to field a competitive ensemble in the DCI SoundSport arena, with a simple goal: to create memorable performances that are life-enhancing for audiences and members alike.” - Scott

What is SoundSport?

SoundSport, a program of Drum Corps International, was created to encourage the development of a ‘next generation’ drum corps. SoundSport offers a shorter, more accessible and more inclusive drum corps experience. To encourage innovation, SoundSport’s requirements are more flexible, and the entire activity is focused on audience experience.

We’re thrilled to announce this addition to our programs. Let the fun begin!

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