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Ready to Get Moving? ChopsLIVE is Near You

If you have caught the latest news on Chops’ groundbreaking new youth drumline programs, then it will be no surprise to you that we are on a mission to make waves with our Twin Cities drumming community. (Haven’t heard about our new youth programs yet?

Chops is excited to combine its rich history of high energy, crowd focused entertainment with a re-imagined approach to drumline. With a DJ style setup, ChopsLIVE is connecting with local audiences across the Twin Cities to show Minnesota what drum-corps style drumline can be!

See the most recent performance at the GirlsOnTheRun 5k here:

“With how incredible the success of Chops’ new youth programs have been, we wanted a way to fundraise and show these kids they have support in the community” explains Michael Finney, ChopsLIVE member “We want them to see a pathway to success they could be a part of someday. ChopsLIVE is the start of that.”

Finney explains that the mission of ChopsLIVE, however, is more than to fundraise for Twin Cities youth. ChopsLIVE is interested in changing how people in the community think about supporting causes they believe in. Sporting the signature purple sunglasses, Finney explains: “We started this Purple Shades campaign to be all about taking a second to re-think how you support a cause. It’s totally fair that most people feel too busy or too strapped to go out of their way to donate or support, even if they want to. With Purple Shades, you don’t have to do extra work. Instead of shopping somewhere for new shades, donate what you can and get a pair of these sweet sunglasses while knowing where your money is going.”

With Chops’ plans to significantly increase offerings to St. Paul youth in fall of 2023, ChopsLIVE members are hoping to raise enough donations to ensure all students have instruments and no-one feels left out. Check out the Purple Shades campaign here:

ChopsLIVE is a non-audition, non-commitment, paid performing ensemble comprised of musicians from all backgrounds and varying levels of marching percussion experience. Interested in learning more or know someone who would like to hire ChopsLIVE? Visit our page here:

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