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ordway update, March car wash fundraiser, and Winter Jazz Fest!

Chops’ innovative, outcome-based percussion residency with The Ordway Center for Performing Arts wrapped up earlier this month at Hidden River Middle School. Continue reading to see the surprising results and how you can support what comes next through our upcoming promotional fundraiser with Crew Car Wash!

Making a Statement

The Chops, Inc. residency in partnership with The Ordway Center for Performing Artists wrapped up on February 9th answering one question: Can an educational residency also create equal opportunities? The answer is an enthusiastic ‘Yes’. Chops’ partnership with Ordway aimed to test a unique, outcome-based performing arts residency, something unheard of in the drumline scene. 

“There are thousands of students across schools in Minnesota that are the same dedicated, talented, kids that you see out performing and doing amazing things in the community. The only difference is they don’t have the equal opportunity to get out and perform, so you don’t see them,” said Michael Finney, artist in residence for the Chops/Ordway partnership. “Ordway's commitment to leveling the playing field has been amazing.”

On February 9th, students at Hidden River MS completed their residency with an energetic and celebratory performance for the Hidden River MS community, reaching as many as 100 spectators. Chops would like to extend a deep and heartfelt thank-you to the Ordway’s ‘Beyond the Stage’ program director, Maia Maiden, and to the dedicated music director at Hidden River, Teacher Emma Fischer. Due to student privacy, direct videos and pictures are not available at this time. 

What Comes Next

With the success of Chops’ pilot residency with The Ordway, Chops continues to work to increase supports for urban youth and reach a wider audience. Chops is proud to announce a partnership with the Crew Car Wash team for a fundraiser running throughout March of this year, proceeds of which will continue to increase opportunities for youth. 50% of all net proceeds from car wash purchases will be donated directly to Chops to make more projects possible. Stay tuned to our social media for a formal announcement soon!

One Final Note: 

Another supporting partner in the Twin Cities ecosphere hoping to increase opportunities for youth is the St. Paul Jazz Fest, who are doing great work to increase the number of yearly performance events they offer for the community. Check out their upcoming ‘Winter Jazz Fest’ to support this mission!

Twin Cities Jazz Festival is partnering with kj's hideaway and Park Square Theatre to create a spectacular day of jazz - Winter Jazz Fest!   The line-up will feature Cuban pianist Jorge Luis Pacheco, Abinnet Berhanu’s Ahndenet አንድነት, and Lila Ammon's Jazz Group - and many others!  All performances are inside the historic Hamm Building in downtown Saint Paul on Saturday, February 24, 2024.  Get your tickets here!

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