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Chops, Inc Supports Hopewell Music with Largest Ever $30,000 Donation

We’re proud to announce our donation to support Hopewell Music Cooperative - North. This is one of our biggest donations to date at $30,000.

Hopewell’s mission is to empower the North Minneapolis community by eliminating barriers to music education throughout the Northside. They began in 2012 when two Northside music teachers shared a frustration over the diminishing access to music education. In turn, these teachers opened up the only comprehensive music school in North Minneapolis.

$15,000 of the donation will be directed towards 30 private lesson full scholarships ($500/student) for the Fall Semester. The remaining $15,000 will support the first 6 months of the salary for the Outreach and Event Coordinator, a new position that will begin in 2022.

You can read more about Hopewell Music Cooperative - North on their website at

To learn more about Chops, Inc. programs and charitable giving visit our website at

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