SoundSport: Chops’ newest Drum Corps Program

If you're a musician, you may have heard of SoundSport before but don't know what it is or why it's important. SoundSport provides the perfect opportunity for musicians to gather together and perform in perfect unison, regardless of their age, experience, or instrument of choice. Whether you play the drums, flute, clarinet, guitar, or any other instrument you love and practice, you can participate in this exciting opportunity to join a community of music enthusiasts who genuinely find joy in performing in front of others.


Since its inception in 2013 as a vital program of the Drum Corps International, SoundSport has brought music to life through countless events enabling musicians to perform their ensembles. People of all ages from different walks of life can connect with one another as like-minded individuals with a true passion for music. These events enable groups of musicians to work together to create something incredible while showing off their talent and creativity. Some of these groups include high school marching bands, college bands, individual artists, and more.


What Are the Benefits of SoundSport?


SoundSport, an innovative program started by Drum Corps International, offers countless benefits to those who participate. The idea behind these thrilling events is to get people excited about the Drum Corps and everything it provides while encouraging others to experience the inclusive, diverse environment full of talented people expressing themselves through the art and power of music. The goal is to excite the audience and leave them inspired by performances that typically last up to seven minutes. Each ensemble brings something new to the table for the audience to enjoy, with tons of visionary performances available for the audience to experience for themselves live and in person.


When you choose to participate in SoundSport, you can:


  • Showcase your skills and talent through a carefully crafted ensemble

  • Connect with your group to work on building a solid performance for SoundSport

  • Express yourself through the power of music, encouraging others to do the same

  • Tell a story through music and performances that go with it to connect with the crowd and get them even more excited about what they’re watching

  • Create some of the most memorable, awe-inspiring performances 

  • Perform independently or with as many people as you'd like, such as a marching band

  • Meet new people with similar passions who love music as much as you do

  • Listen to the incredible sounds of other performers who may inspire your next ensemble


At Chops Inc., we look forward to bringing people together who love to create music and perform. As an organization built on the foundation of integrity, excellence, personal development, community, and entertainment, we believe in the value that SoundSport can bring to entertainers. As one of four Drum Corps available in the Midwest, it's our honor to celebrate talented drummers and hundreds of other skilled musicians while planning these SoundSport events. If you're looking for a place to feel appreciated and respected for your musical contributions in a welcoming and inclusive environment, Chops SoundSport is the event for you!

Registration for the current season is now open.

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Rehearsal Schedule
Weekends 10am - 4pm
Wednesdays 6pm - 9pm

Wednesday, March 16th

Wednesday, April 13th

Wednesday, May 4th

Wednesday, May 18th

Wednesday, June 1st

Wednesday, June 15th

Wednesday, June 29th

Wednesday, July 13th

Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, August 3rd SHOW - see below

Wednesday, August 10th

Sunday, February 27th

Sunday, March 27th

Saturday, April 23rd

Saturday, May 14th

Saturday, June 11th

Saturday, June 25th

Saturday, July 9th

Saturday, July 16th SHOW - see below

Saturday, July 23rd

Saturday, August 6th

Performance Schedule

Tuesday, July 12th - DCI Mankato Show
Wednesday, August 3rd - DCI Twin Cities Show

Thursday - Sunday, August 11th - 14th - DCI Finals Indianapolis  

Covid-19 Policy

All events and participation are subject to our COVID-19 Policy. You can review our policy here


Meet Scott

Scott Kolman-Keen is the new co-director of Chops SoundSport. He is the director of bands at Hiawatha Collegiate High School and has been an educator for 17 years.

Scott was formerly the Director of Chops Drum Corps from 2013-2017, when he helped to re-establish Chops as a regionally and nationally competitive organization and earned the title "2016 Drum Corps Associates (DCA) Director of the Year." In addition, he performed with Minnesota Brass in 2010, 2011, and 2012, including the 2011 DCA World Championship.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Music Education from Louisiana State University and a Master of Science degree in Special Education from Western Governors University. A fourth-generation educator, he and his wife Sarah (also a teacher!) live in Saint Louis Park with their two young daughters, Emerson and Charlotte, as well as their beloved pets and a revolving door of foster cats and dogs.

“It is an honor to be selected again to serve the organization in a leadership capacity! My team and I are excited for the opportunity to evolve the activity in innovative and creative ways, and we believe that the new Chops SoundSport will be a point of pride for Chops now and for years to come. We intend to field a competitive ensemble in the DCI SoundSport arena, with a simple goal: to create memorable performances that are life-enhancing for audiences and members alike.”


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