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Hopewell Music Cooperative Donation Update

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Last year, Chops made the biggest charitable contributions in the history of our organization. In addition to our own programs, we support other organizations aligned with Chops’ mission to provide programs to educate members of all ages in the art of music and performance.

Hopewell Music Cooperative North’s mission is to improve access to music education in North Minneapolis through affordable, inclusive, and engaging music programs. Last fall, Hopewell had an unprecedented number of music students apply for scholarship aid. Hopewell submitted a grant application to Chops for scholarship funding to allow students to attend their fall semester for free, and to fund a new Outreach & Event Coordinator position. The Chops Board of Directors approved a $30,000 donation.

Hopewell’s fall semester wrapped up with 64% of students receiving scholarship support, thanks to Chops’ donation. Executive Director Andrea Myers shared the story of one Hopewell student who benefited:

“One of our students receiving a scholarship is Jeffrey. In 2012, Jeffrey was enrolled by his parents when he was six years old. One of his first performances was a recital at Victory Care and Rehabilitation Center. Prior to his performance he shook hands with each resident, introducing himself, charming them with his charisma as well as piano skills.

Without a strong music program at school, he took advantage of Hopewell’s ensemble offering, performing in the orchestra and jazz ensemble. He continued to perform at various community and Hopewell events such as Open Streets, West Broadway Farmers Market, and our annual Holiday Tea Concert.

Now a junior in high school, Jeffery remains dedicated to his musical studies. He is a composer and performer and has expressed interest in exploring a music education career. Earlier this year, he recorded “Lonely Soul,” an original song. It can be heard here on his YouTube channel.”

Hopewell is in the process of hiring its first-ever Outreach and Event Coordinator. This new hire will undertake a major outreach campaign aimed at increasing access to music and performance opportunities for North Minneapolis residents.

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