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Member-at-Large, Board of Directors

Tin Cups & Pan Outreach Alum

A flute and piccolo performer of 20+ years, Sarah studied flute under Dr. Melissa Krause at St. Cloud State University, MN. Her past performance experiences included tours with the SCSU Wind Ensemble, world premieres with SCSU, solo festival competitions, Drum Corps with Chops Inc., wedding performances, as well as school and community ensembles. She was a youth supervisor at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan, where she encouraged young adults to excel at their art for 12 weeks.


Her range of instruments include flute/piccolo, trumpet, mellophone, and piano. Recently, she has been playing lead pan with the Tin Cups group with Chops Inc. Sarah completed her B.S. in Music Education from St. Cloud State University.


She lives in Ramsey with her husband, Jaydon, son, Levi, and dog – Toby. Her interests other than music are: hanging out with her family along with making videos, biking, swimming, camping, card making, and scrapbooking.

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