drum & Bugle corps

Co-directors: matt kettelhut & kathy jackson

Chops’ summer Drum & Bugle Corps productions provide a unique blend of performing-arts disciplines, including music, creative dance/movement, theater, and visual arts. Our fast-paced, energetic productions are typically performed in a large venue, most often football fields.


Artistically, Chops’ shows involve an integrated, choreographed form of movement and music performance, a routine as complex and sophisticated as a Broadway music theatre production, but presented in just a few minutes. These productions are written, designed, produced, taught, and directed by accomplished music and dance instructors. Recent Chops’ summer shows have featured the music of Moulin Rouge, The Blues Brothers, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Drum & Bugle Corps performances are evaluated and judged by a panel of professional music and dance educators, many of whom are instructors in high school and university performing arts programs. The presentations are judged for their quality in seven areas: musicianship, dance, movement technique, execution, visual presentation, and ensemble music.

Interested in being part of Chops’ summer Drum & Bugle Corps? Contact Kathy Jackson for more information!